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About the Training Team

The Waco Striders Marathon Training Team is open to all members of any skill level. We welcome you to the team whether you have never run a race of any distance or are an experienced marathoner.  The program consists of 3 organized group runs each week. Running with a group will help you stay motivated. The only difference in the training schedules for those running a half marathon and those running a full marathon is the distance of the Saturday long run.

On Mondays we meet at 6:00 pm at Whitehall Park in Woodway in the summer and at Poage Park in Woodway during the winter for a 3 mile run.

On Wednesday we meet at 6:00 pm at the Cameron Park Redwood Shelter in summer and at the Indian Spring Park during the winter for a 4 mile run.

On Saturdays we meet for our long runs. The time and place vary each week to accommodate the gradual increase in running distance throughout the program.  Check the Runner Information Hot Line (254) 717-8905 on Fridays for the exact time and location for the Saturday group run. You can also check the details for the Saturday runs on the Calendar page.

Training Runs

At each group run there are designated "pacers" that you can follow who will run at a consistent pace (8, 10, 12, and 14 minutes/mile) that will be comfortable for you. The pacers will incorporate walk breaks at regular intervals that will help improve your stamina in longer runs. New runners are encouraged to run with the pacer and take regular walk breaks during their training runs.

We also have groups that run with no breaks and groups that just walk. So no matter what your fitness level, there are fellow runners to help keep you motivated.

Target Marathon

The training team schedule will be structured to allow you to complete of a half or full marathon in the October - November time frame. There will be several marathons to choose from for your target race. The most popular ones are listed on the Calendar page.